What should I bring to my first meeting with Thompson & Associates?

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Nothing! Your first meeting with Thompson & Associates will be an informal get-to-know-you meeting. Our Thompson & Associates Representative will give you a detailed explanation of the planning process and then give you the option to proceed or not. You will have several documents to complete and return in preparation for your second visit.

Why would the Foundation offer these services for free?

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We know that our supporters want to help us fulfill our mission. We also know that if our supporters have not named the Foundation in their estate plan, there is no chance we will benefit from our supporters' estates after they are gone. Not everyone will want to leave the Foundation in their estate plan, but [...]

What are the final results of the planning process?

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What you receive from the planning process depends largely on what you need. You may need a knowledgeable person to brainstorm ideas, get confirmation you are heading in the right direction, or need a complete plan. Whatever your situation, you will walk away from the planning process knowing exactly what you have, what you want to [...]

How long does the planning process take?

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The typical planning process lasts six to nine months. Our Thompson & Associates' Representative will be onsite at the Foundation once every month to meet with you and guide you through the process. Much of the planning time is spent exploring your options to help perfect your plan.

Can my attorney be involved in the planning process?

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Yes. Thompson & Associates will lead you through a planning process, but your professional advisors are very important in making sure your plan is best for you. While the attorneys typically do not sit through the meetings with you, they will be advised and asked to contribute to the plan (if you consent, of course). Most [...]

Do I have to make a gift to the Foundation or other nonprofits?

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No! The Foundation is offering the planning services of Thompson & Associates without any obligation on your part. We obviously hope that if you choose to leave a portion of your estate to charitable organizations, you will remember the Foundation, but you are not required to make a gift to benefit from the services. In fact, [...]

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